Ilia Kramarik

Akiane is a prodigious artist and philosopher, a true gift of spirit to this world.

But she also comes from a family of prodigies.

Her younger brother has already written 20 volumes of poetry and philosophy.

His website can be seen here:
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6 Responses Feb 7, 2011

not true different state to young to be the mom and aikiane has no sisters

Delfini is the oldest SON of the couple. He is Akiane's brother and he was arrested on drug charges. Akiane's website also lists him as her brother if you care to check it out.

It's all a hoax guys, nothing to see here.<br />
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Delfini Kramarik arrested for Heroin and parents used the paintings to launder the money... it's all over world news but the sites has been censored from the public in the states.... Do some research!

launder money how? the IRS isnt so stupid... And i doubt any of Akianes clients paid with cash... not to mention the unreliability of the media...

Yes they are humble and very wise. They deserve that money. People can learn a lot from them. It's amazing how they can have such wisdom from virtually no life experience. They are true prodigies. Religious people believe they are prophets sent by god. They certainly carry an important message that humanity needs to hear.

Yes, that is true. And they are beautiful children. But they're humble. That's the key thing I like about her.

I know she's wonderful isn't she. It's probably easier to belong when you have her money and talents though =D.

Her work is absolutely brilliant, unforgettable, and unlike anything I've ever seen. We all want to be liked and to belong.