Age Is Just A Number

46 years. That's the age difference between us! But I don't care. I am madly in love with Alan Sydney Patrick Rickman. I think it's his voice. I find him to be most attractive as Severus Snape. I know it's silly, but even before the movies came out, I always had a crush on the character Snape. Even though I was only 11 years old. When he began playing Snape, it confirmed my fantasy. My dream is to someday meet him and tell him that he plays the role perfectly. I don't want to stalk him or tell him that I love him, but just to hear his voice in real life.... my life would be complete.

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There is 50 years difference between him and I, but I don't care. I love him so much, everything about him from his perfect, husky low baritone, to his great personality. I really, really want to see him in reality, I hope he will come to my country again (he's been here 3 times and dunderhead me didn't know about it!) I'm just going to make unbreakable vow to him and swear that I will love him alwaaays! He is greatest actor and I wish him nothing but huge happiness in his life. He is one perfect man!

ha ha....if you met him once youd want to meet him again. I know i would. Hear THAT voice once and id want it nxt to me in bed each night.

I also liked him in "Truly, Madly, Deeply." And "Sense and Sensibility."

I totally agree with you. Age is just a number. Alan is a brilliant and beautiful man, alot better than these half wit actors that are around now a days. His voice is dreamy, the stuff lullabys are made of. We women that love him are a rare breed, for not only do we believe that age is just a number, but that sterotypical attractiveness isn't all that attractive. <br />
In a way I'd love to meet him too but I'd be worried if I would I'd make a fool of myself in his presence, that would be the most embarrising thing ever. Bottom line he is amazing and there could never be another actor like him.

He is an AWESOME actor love Snape, he was also really good in Sweeney Todd.