Their Music Saved Me

i know it probably sounds rather cliche' and redundant by now but this band has saved my life. or at least saved me from spiraling into a deep depression. im 23. far too young to have been old enough to enjoy AIC in their hayday. for that, i feel extremely unlucky. but ive always been aware of my dad has been a fan. but i didnt actually discover them until last year. i grew up in the 90s and ive felt a huge sense of nostalgia whenever i thought about how awesome the rock scene was in those years. seattle and portland seem like dream cities to me.
i didnt know what music was until i stumbled upon one of my dads old AIC albums. he always called this cd the "three legged dog" album. lol. i think us AIC fans know exactly what album my dad was talking about. ive been a drug addict for about 5 years now. and i before i put the "three legged dog" cd into my car i didnt know layne was an addict. i didnt have to google him to know where his life had ended up and that he was in hell. i just knew. he was saying exactly what i felt. layne spoke the junkie bible. being down in a hole that youre never getting out of and if you cant be youre own, youd feel better dead.
his voice makes me feel a way ive never felt. my heart gets so heavy every time i hear him or jerry sing. i feel so crazy about it sometimes. it just makes me wish i could talk to layne one time and tell him that hes helped another junkie out and also that i havent forgot about him. a lot of people havent.
his music represented his life. his drugged out life. in the beginning the music was fast and energetic but as the end came near it slowed down.
thats how it is being an addict. in the beginning its fun and exciting and you feel like your in your mothers arms and a millionaire. but after day its not fun anymore and youre walking through hell..just like layne was..and i am now.

thanks to anyone who took the time out to read.
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Music helps in many ways ... btw i love alice in chains too

Awesome story. I feel the same way about Alice in Chains, they are one of my favorite bands! Good luck to you and Im here for you.

thanks very much. nice to know you have great taste in music as well! ;)

I love AIC. I was crushed when Layne then Mike Starr passed. It's a repeat of the late 60's early 70's with the whole 27 club.....Then, the monster reared it's head again.....and is taking the most incredible people I have ever met only they are so hurts so makes me sad and are the s**t. Hope to listen to some good music with ya....!

yeah the 27 club is eerily coincidental..creeps me out every time i think about it.
that would be awesome to listen to some jams with you by the way! :)

I feel ya hun, just just keep your up, Things will someday get better:)

theyve gotten better as time goes by. i chose im learning to fix it.

I hear ya.:)

Never been much of a Grunge guy. More of a Classic/Hard Rock/Metal fan. Don't get me wrong there's a few good ones out there, including Alice in Chains.

Nonetheless, if you say their music is what saved you, then I say go nuts.

yes. i havent found a song that i havent liked. im positive layne would of came back around and continued making music. but he was beaten by the drugs.
my favorites are Died & We Die Young <----morbid? lol
and i love River of Deceit by Mad Season, his other band

AIC was a great band. Too bad layne staley died. They could have gone on aking a lot of great music. Would? And Rooster are incredible songs.