This Music Makes Me Ache In So Many Different Ways

This band is mindblowingly awesome. So real, so raw - when I listen, I feel as if I'm being injected with something. I don't know if its that combination of signature bass, or the simple guitar, or the mixture of lightness and darkness, or the unintended complexity of it all - but this music is undoubtedly my drug of choice. The way Jerry and Layne come together - GAHH THOSE VOICES - it does something to me! I just feel like breaking out of my skin and leaving my body behind so I can be totally free.
I guess my soul really loves AiC.
Wow, this is the first time Ive ever realized that my soul is real. Oh ****, time to go think about the afterlife and whatnot.
lefttheporch lefttheporch
Feb 5, 2013