Love The Tenniel Illustrations For 'alice'!!!!!!!

I have loved 'Alice in Wonderland" for many years now; esp. the illustrations in the original book......

When the Disney version came out in 1951 I was not able to see it.......I was 9 yrs. old and 'helping out' in my uncle's grocery store....I felt like having some candy so took a bag of candy from the shelf and went to the break area.....I'd planned on hiding the candy somewhere for future snacking!!!

Well, someone saw me, never found out who, and my uncle called my mom and she said no way was I going to any movie that weekend.........I was one of those kids you could take a privilege away from, and for me that was worse than any spanking!!
So in the late 1950's when Disney had his TV show, they had it on and I finally got to see it, but in glorious black and white!
It was not until it's re-release in the 1960's that I finally got to see it in a theater, in color!!

My favorite characters are the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter....and of course Alice.

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66-70, M
May 26, 2011