"go... To Wonderland."

I have been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland ever since I was a little kid!

But I'm mostly obsessed with a horror version of Alice in Wonderland. There is 2 games based on Alice in Wonderland: 1. American McGee's Alice. 2. Alice: Madness Returns.

My parents keeping saying that the original version is the Disney version but I think they just made it milder for kids to watch and I think the real version has a lot of major differences between them when it comes to reality. If any one can clarify which one is the original that would be great.
If anyone's ever played Alice: Madness Returns... and liked it... you are AWESOME!

I kind of prefer stories that are more dramatic. I mean the one I think is an original is where Alice's family gets killed in a house fire and she gets so traumatized about the loss of her parents and sister that she becomes a schizophrenic. Who dreams of her 'Wonderland'. At an asylum for 10 years and moved to a counsellors orphanage where she tends regular counselling sessions. Soon after moving, her Wonderland falls apart as mind is suddenly forgetting. In the end, it turns out that her very own counsellor had killed her family by raping and killing her sister and starting the fire to cover up the crime. The counsellor was trying to make Alice forget about the night of the fire as she saw him that night!
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I saw a version called "Alice" that was my absolute favorite. It's creepy, in this version, Wonderland is a place for dead toys and animals, and when she shrinks, she is a porcelain doll.

What version is that? I have never heard of that.

Says in the description.

oh okay I found it online, thinking about buying it, it sounds amazing! :)

It's a game based in the Victorian Era. Have you ever seen the film called Alice? But the 2009 version not the 2010. She actually falls in love with Hatter in it!

Oh cool, I just love Alice!

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