Oh Dear,

Alice stumbled down the wrong rabbit hole. This is no wonderland but a dark and terrible underland, below all that is joyous and light. The Hatter abuses the March Hare, does experiments on him, poor rabbit. The Hatter's madness is twisted, he craves power, he enjoys seeing the Hare squirm, loves to see how far into insanity he can push the Hare until he dissolves into nothingness. The Hatter, however, seems so charming and calm, almost as if you are safer with him than out in that dark underland. But do not be fooled by the Hatter's charms, you must escape poor Alice. Walk down the twisted path, between the tangled, snarling trees, try not to think of how wonderful the Hatter treated you. Try not to remember how the kettle was always on, and the tea cups were always filled with warm tea. Don't think just keep going Alice. Find the White Rabbit. The Cheshire cat follows you Alice and I know you are afraid of his cold whispers, terrified when you catch his ghostly shadow in the corner of your eye. Keep going Alice. Find the White Rabbit. At last you see a door adorned with the same symbol that marked the White Rabbit. Your over joyed, at last you have found the rabbit and he can show you the way out. You reach out to open the door when Cheshire cat appears, smiling as big as ever. He licks his whiskers menacingly "look how far you've come sssweet, little Aliccse." He says with a grimacing purr. You gulp and muster up courage to speak your eyes going up and down the Cheshire cat's mangled body, speckled with blisters and scars. "What do you want?"
Cheshire looks up, his head floating around just above the rest of him, still smiling that terrible smile. "oooh, he smacks his lips, I jusst needed to dissstract you a moment." Your confused now aren't you poor Alice, you start to back away from the door from the Cheshire cat, when you bump into something. You swallow the lump of fear that has built up in your throat and turn around. Relief washes over you, it's the Hatter and he looks happy to see you. "come darling, he says, you look cold and weary." He opens the door for you and leads you into the dark. It's cold, but you can feel the Hatter's warm arm around you, you blindly walk along without knowing where you're going. At last you stop, the Hatter turns you around so you may sit. "get comfortable while I find the lights darling." The chair is comfortable you put your feet up and relax because you trust the Hatter. You hear a click and a buzzing noise before a bright light beams down on you. You realize you have been restrained by blue silk ribbons. There is no use in struggling Alice. You look around the white room stained with gray and brown splotches here and there. The Hatter approaches, in a white coat now, "now Alice, love, he says, were going to wake you up. Everything's going to be just. Fine." He pushes your head back in the chair, you hear the Cheshire cat whisper in your ear "ssstay ssstill love, thiss will only hurt a little." The Hatter is holding a long ice pick, your blood runs cold with fear and sweat drips down your face, He brings the ice pick to your eye, you shut them. A sharp and sudden pain rushes through you, everything goes black.
You awake in the same room, ribbons untied. You sit up and wipe a tear of blood from your eye, and stumble to the door, wondering why you didn't wake up, what did they do to you? how long had you been knocked out? You open the door and can't help but smile, it's daylight and the trees are full of leaves and fruit, the grass is green and there's not a single thorn. You see an adorable kitten that looks just like your kitty at home. "why hello Dina is that you?" you ask. "yess Aliccse,the kitten says, itssss Dina." The Hatter is watching you, but you can't see him. He watches you pet the Cheshire cat not minding it's awful scabs and bumps, he watches you smile as you skip through the thorns without a care. He will always be watching you, to make sure you are happy as he is.
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Feb 17, 2013