I've always been fascinate by the Alice in Wonderland universe :)
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Really? Its a bit overwhelming for me. I liked the movie though, it's dumbed down enough for me to understand. The book was really tough to wrap my mind around. I haven't read it in years though so maybe I'll have a different perspective once I've reread it

That's exactly what I love about it :)

Ah, so do you like abstract things or vague things?

That's more or less it :)

So what else do you like to read?

Everything :P I've always been a bookworm. But apart from Lewis Caroll, my favorite authors are George Orwell, Tennessee Williams, Ionesco, Jane Austen... What about you?

Wow the stuff you read is on another level to my booklist. The stuff I read is not as philosophical. I've read Lewis, and the Animal Farm. But I usually focus on scifi/fantasy. George R. R. Martin, Christopher Paolini, Derek Landy, Tunnel's Series, etc, etc.

I like George R. R. Martin, too :) I don't only read "philosophical" stuff, I really enjoyed reading Divergent, for instance :)

Read the first book, got distracted from the second book, lol

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