"Beware the Jubjub bird and shun the frumious Bandersnatch" Jabberwocky

I miss my old childhood bff. She and I read these books together ( Alice and Through the Looking Glass). I still have the original copy I read then. We had it on display in the living room, but I guess it's been moved already.
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"So rested he, by the tum tum tree, and stood a while in thought." :)

Ah, very good!

I wasn't suppose to know this, there are very few Alice in Wonderland fans here in Mexico: people still think it is for kids only, lol.

Well you got lucky then! Did you first read the book recently?

Yep. I still got to read "Thru the looking glass." Which one did you like most?

I don't even remember anymore. I am old. Wait that is a quote too. "You are old Father William," the young man said "And your hair has become very white and yet you incessantly stand on your head- do you think at your age it is right?"

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