I first saw her on TV performing at the MTV awards. She started with a piano intro, that revealed a classical background. And then burst right into "Fallin'",and even Janet Jackson jumped up from her front row seat and started applauding.
I knew I was witnessing the performance of a very special and unique musical talent.
I remember buying "Songs in A minor" immediately and still to this day, consider that album to be among the most important releases of the early 2000s.
Simply an amazing merger of classical music, pop, r&b, soul and funk.
As a professional musician myself, I could easily hear and treasure her musical influences. It wasn't difficult to recognise her talent either. And she was so young, that I knew there would be many more musical treasures to come.
My favourite Alice Keys song is "Un-thinkable (I'm ready)". I can't put that song to rest.
I had a similar experience in 1995 when I heard "Ironic" from Alanis Morissette on the radio, for the first time. I got hooked on "Jagged little pill", like many others.
But where Morissette has produced little new and interesting material, Alicia Keys always has this process of renewing herself. Some of the same qualities I find on Madonna's albums. No album is the same. Keeps it fresh. Interesting. Never boring and never bad.
But where Madonna has the technical control over her music and style, and where Morissette has a talent for lyrics, non of them have that instrumental aspect to their music, like Keys has. Alicia Keys simply is an amazing musician and singer first. But then she also has those other qualities, that puts her on top of the list.
Skywalker1979 Skywalker1979
36-40, M
Aug 21, 2014