Lola, The Showgirl Sara Palin Crazy Daisy And Rue And Silver, The Viet Nam War Vet

My girl friend Nena, has an Animal House:Wesley who was a beautiful black fat cat, didnt last. He got eaten by coyotes. Then she got the girls, beautiful beagles named, Crazy Daisy and Rue. Daisy has hazel green eyes and a nasty disposition at times. She is very posessive of Nena. Daisy is jealous of Rue, so she picks on Rue, who is the runt of the litter, and half her size. After having the girls for awhile, Nena found Silver an abandoned animal disgarded when its owner moved out. Silvers, a cat whose afraid to venture into the rest of the house. "Silver" comes out only at night time. Nena said, Silver, suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. Nena says Silver, is a Viet Nam war vet who still thinks shes in the jungle. She gets spooked when she hears a noise. So she goes running back to her room, ( a room designed just for cats, complete with a pole, and a litter box ). Lola, the Showgirl, showed up soon, after she acquired Silver. Lola, is a georgeous specimen of a cat, to die for! Im sure she was kidnaped from Beverly Hills, and brought to Downey. The animal rescue team claimed, she lived in a warehouse with other cats. If a cat has drop dead looks and good manners, Lola has them. She's a beautiful black, angora cat, with calico markings; and giant round green saucer eyes , that are filled with love and affection. She, touches your hand with her paw gently; when she wants your attention. She ruled all the animals. Till, Sara Palin appeared. Sara, is a sealpoint siamese cat, from the redneck town of Crudline, a backwoods mountain cat. Sara's very jeaulous of Lola, so she attacks her on the neck visctiously, when Nenas not looking. Sara's half the size of Lola. Her smallness, doesnt stop her from trying to do physical harm, to the beautiful statuesque, Lola. Nena, sometimes catches her doing this, and seperates them. But I still worry about Lola. I squirted Sara, with a water gun, the last time I saw her doing this. Im Lolas adopted aunt, and I hate for anyone to hurt her. She is an angel sent from heaven, as far as Im concerned. Im hoping very soon Ill see Lola again, the ruler of Nenas animal house, in San Bernadino's mountains.  Sara is doing something to Lola that has me worried, She now wants to push Lola into the fireplace!   Her jeaslousy is an evil I hope will soon be over, for beautiful Lola. She only deserves the best, because I am her adopted aunt. Wheres my gun? Sara Palin, you thought you were going to have moose, or Lola? I've got a surprise for you. Guess who's coming to dinner, packing a loaded pistol.  Im your worst nightmare!  You better make a run for them there hills!  You think your scared of the coyotes, your Aunties riled up. Shes ready to take you out to the woodshed, if need be.  A  bull moose might have a better fate than you! Lola rules  in mountain country!

gypsygirly gypsygirly
26-30, F
Feb 15, 2010