I Will Star With: I Saved a Dogs Life Today

As I was on my way to pick my daughter up from worrk I saw a dog frightened & confused & ran in the street & stopped so scaird. I ßtpped my car & started beeping at a car coming down the street so fast & the driver finally saw the dog or realized why I was beeping & waving at him. The driver missed the dog by inches. I was so mad. The dog ran acroos the street into the school yard. It was about the time school was getting out. I got my daughter & sped down the street to look for the dog. I pulled onto the sidewalk & saw the dog! A woman picking up her child or a.teacher was petting it. I ran across the street not even looking 4 oncoming cars & the dog ran to me! I saw a policeman & waved him down. I told him what's happened & he thought he knew the owner. He said it sarcastically. The poor dog had no collar but you can see he did have one. The officer opened the door to police car & the dog was so friendly! He jumped in & slid off the plastic seat onto the floor. There isn't much room so he was sauashed. I jumped into the poliice car & lifted hom up onto the seat. I thanked the officer & told him to tell the owners they NEED to keep an eye on the dog that he almost got killed. He then took th dog. I was so upset. I volunteer for the humane society in my are which is a NO KILL shelter. I knew what to do. If that driver hurt that dog, I would've..well let's put it this way..I would've been in jail..it was broad daylight so he had NO EXCUSE that he didn't see the dog. And the dog was a big dog. I was so happy I was able to save this dogs life. What would you do?
cindycavaliere cindycavaliere
1 Response Dec 17, 2008

God bless you cindy.. I love people who love and do something for animals.. I think i would try to do exactly the same things as you did