Lovely Boobs

Most women turn men on, but the way the large boobs women do is certainly great. I love beautiful,large boobs of lovely women. They are there for a purpose.

I have a friend who has very sexy large breasts, must be at least 38D size. I often tell her that every time I look at your boobs, I get naughty thoughts. She laughs and enjoys my attention to her boobs. The only comment she makes is that large boobs are a girls best assets. I totally agree with her on this point.

One day, we had gone shopping and she was was showing me a book, I deliberately stood much closer than usual. To which she somehow did not mind. While she was showing me the book, I touched the tip of her boobs and slowly rubber her nipples through her bra. She again did not mind my doing that to her. I continued rubbing back of my palm to her nipples and I realized that this was indeed exciting her. He eyes started getting dreamy and one could easily say that she was enjoying my touch.

Well, it was all happening in the shop and naturally could not continue more of my rubbing on her nipples, even though I too was thoroughly excited with this experience.

We are still friends and enjoy each other's touch on and off, nothing more sensual has happend yet, but I think it is a matter of time.

When one tries sincerely, one achieves. With women one needs patience and with voluptuous women, may be one needs voluptuous patience, I don't know.
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I'm not a large woman....actually fairly small....but I had been blessed with 32DD breast which are eager for attention. My nipples are incredibly exciteable and I *** that much harder when they are pinched hard or sucked on. Message me....your stories have been getting me wet....

That is a lovely experience - thanks for sharing. Sonny

I believe you have the beginnings of a friendship that would go all the way. The only thing you have to remember is to take it nice and slow and she will respond with every move you make. Enjoy and share the next episode.