Ultimate Stupidity of Parents

Firstly, I'm the mothering type.  I mother all of the children in the neighborhood.  I give them all Popsicles and put band-aids on their cuts and ice on their bruises.  I break up fights and help to resolve conflicts. 

It bothers me when other mothers don't do the same.  Have you ever heard the expression..."It takes a Village to Raise a Child"? I believe in it. I live by it. I teach it.

Most of the children in the neighborhood know me from my frequent visits to the school.  They often run up to hug me and address me as Mrs. ______(I can't reveal my real name silly).  They show up at my house right after they get off the school bus wanting to play with my children.  Its probably because they know I cook am going to feed them if they say they are hungry.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a boy riding his bike that attends the school my children attend.  I said hello to him and inquired about his frequent visits to the principals office.  As he and I were talking I hear profanities coming from a voice down the street.  Of course I was nosey enough to look and see what child's voice I was hearing.  It was a young girl about 9 or 10 who was carrying (get this) a samurai sword (yes a real one).

I asked the young man if he wanted me to follow him in my car to ensure his safety.  I escorted him to his home and talked to his mother about the situation.  All she could say was...(speaking to her son) "I told you if anybody f***s with you knock their a$$ out".  I couldn't believe it.  This child is forced to face a life threatening situation all on his own.  I was speechless.  I turned and walked towards my car.

As I walked I heard another profane voice to the left me.  This female voice was older and more experienced in evil.  I wasn't quite sure who she was talking to.  I said..."Excuse me are you talking to me?"  To make a long story short the little girl with the sword was her daughter.  Instead of resolving the conflict between the two children she gave her the sword. 

I didn't mean to preach.  I simply said... I'm concerned about the children.  There is no conflict that cannot be resolve using reason and conversation.  I believe all of our children should feel safe and with the help of an adult all conflicts can be resolved.  What could they possibly be fighting over..."Its my turn and you jumped me?"  "This is my ball!".  I didn't understand until I met the parents of this victimized children.  I say victimized because they are the victims of stupid parents. 

The adults had been fighting for weeks, months maybe years and were unable to resolve the conflict they created. 

Sadly, I walked away feeling hopelessly inadequate.  I did not want to become a victim as well but wanted to stand up for the children and put the silliness behind them and their parents.  I feel I failed.

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I know! I sometimes see little kids being forced to deal with huge or life-threatening situations by themselves, and offer to help them or walk them home. It's despicable to see parents just shoving the kid toward a huge situation, and expect them to deal with it by themselves. You are supposed to be their parents! Their helpers, people they go to in times of need! God, people like that make me sick. I admire you and what you do for little children. I wish to do the same. :) Many kids just need someone to talk to, or someone to help them. Yet these idiotic parents won't even spare them that. Jeez.

way to go for doing the right thing for the children. Maybe they will see that grown-ups can behave rationally by your behavior. <br />
<br />
Those parents are just plain lazy.

thats a mess. its true children are left alone and in aweful relationships all the time.