New Plastic Pants

just got some new plastic panties from ebay light blue seethrough very thin and soft i wore them last night for the first time i almost came the minute my panties touched my **** what a feeling but i calmed down and drifted off to sleep i woke a couple of hours later and started to rub my **** through the plastic panties it fealt great and soon i shot my large cumy load into them some times i take the panties off give them a wipe and put them back on but tonight i turned them inside out and licke the *** from them was very good i then put them straight back on and tha t was me plastic pantied for the rest of night i woke at 6,oclock and wanked again took longer this time great *** but not as much *****, today im putting huge anal balls up my arse i will wear clean clear plastic panties,and as im a sub sissy i will leg-iron and handcuff myself for they day and release myself around teatime have a good day cheers dave
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Jan 20, 2013