Surprised, I'm Not The Only One

My name is gerlotte(pseudo), living in Belgium since 53 years, french speaking and plastic lovers since my four years old. I remember a little girl, neighbor, she was wearing a clear plastic pant without diaper, suddenly she had a little accident, ******* gently in her pant, she began crying, her mother came to change the pant , she came back with a new pant, I was very interested and admiration about this view so sweet, . At the age of 7, I wore some times plastic pant of the baby doll of my sister. Nobody knew that, neither my sister, nor my mother. I grew up with the idea to wear plastic pants some times, but this first pant became too little, I had to find other ones. Some years after, I used plastic from bag to make a plastic pant, because I did not know where to buy plastic adults pants. After that , I made my own plastic pants from shower curtain, using elastics, measuring my waist and cutting the plastic like a tailor and using a sewing machine to make a perfect pant. I think I have about different plastic pants now.

One big yellow clear plastic from a bag , a little bit noisy, a big light brown one in PVC from shower curtain, nearly no noise, a pink PVC pant also from curtain, very old one, more than 20 years, a little pant, white plastic from a shop send by post office, I changed little bit the model, elastics were not covered by plastic, I did it my self with sewing machine to get the old fashion model like in the sixties. I' m alone in the life , I feel a little bit excited with my pants, I would like to share those moments with kind woman in Belgium, United states is too far unfortunately,

 If you are interested, but serious, good education, sensitive, don't need to be too pretty, let me know


gerlotte gerlotte
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Gerlotte, I think it is very admirable that you make your own plastic pants. I am in the United States, and married so cannot share moments with you. However, I will tell you that when I was a child, I sometimes wore the plastic pants, over my panties. I never took them off dry. I always wet in them. My mother tried training pants, plastic, and diapers. I always wore a panty under them and always peed in them. Good luck in your search.

where do you buy your plastic panties