To My Peeps

One thing about each friend that I love (that they probably have no clue about):

Beki - I love how, even when you're depressed, you are still the happiest, most generous and kind person I know.

A.J. - I love how you never fail to know EXACTLY what I'm laughing discreetly at because you and I are the only ones in the room who notice it and find it inappropriately humorous.

Amy - I love how I can use huge vocab words in your presence and you know exactly what they all mean. lol

Samantha - I love how you bust out those 80's dance moves.

Tiff - I love how it's not a party until you're naked. lol

Christie - I love your undying dedication to the naming of your handbags.

Julia - I love the way you laugh when you're tipsy.

Reed - I love your fine-*** freakin wardrobe, my man.

Darleney-Pooh - I love that you used to insert my name into love songs and serenade me at work. (*singing* "Alaaaaannnnnaaaaaa, light of my life! Fate could have made yoooooooooou a gentleman's wife.....")


More friends, but if I kept going, I'd run out of page space. lol. Bottom line is that I adore my friends for exactly who they are, and for their amazing ability to put up with me for as long as they have.


SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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1 Response Oct 28, 2009

^ Darlene is THE BEST!! She cracks me up, I swear. She's one of those people that you instinctively run to when you're scared, hurt, confused, or just need mothering in general. lol