Have You Seen My Family?

Morning readers its 6 a.m. no one is awake but me mind you, my commonlaw is still fast asleep upstairs.  Where do i start, Oh Yes " FAMILY " I have one, that is i think i do?.. Mom ? (61yrs old) yes.. at the moment she's miles from me, and haven't heard from or seen her in 7 years.  Dad? (not sure his age) yes ..he lives in Cambridge Ontario, haven't heard from him in all my life and no idea how his life is going.  Siblings? I got 5 of them, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers,  all inbetween 42 and 33 years old, the last family member i've seen of this bunch was well over a year ago then they upped and moved to Regina. We had very little contact then it deteriorated to nothing.  *sighs*..Right now, today as we speak, I have a small handfull of friends, more online than offline but friends none the less.. and now we move  more close to home now CHILDREN? o x o x *My Babies* o x o x  There are 4 of them my beautiful lil creations as i call them, hah, lil molds of me.  from age 9 to 21...They to have seemed to wandered off, and forgot about me.  I see the 2 oldest from time to time, So if you draw a mental picture of so much abandonment and loss for good or bad reasons, and for what?  Maybe its a destiny thing, its suppose to be this way.  If this is true i guess i'm going to be a very lonely senior citizen... Here's an interesting metaphor to paint in our imaginations " I wish there was a stopper in my hourglass of life back when I had a family and we were all together...what a wonderful and happy thoughts..Yes this is where i would want to outlive the rest of my existance, SMILING, cuz family is so PRECIOUS.  I doubt many will understand this but i thought i'd share ..have a great day. 


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1 Response Apr 14, 2007

I am Canadian too, lol. Well it is understandable that you miss your family life where you were so close to everybody you loved. Your kids have grown up and left the nest. (to be expected) Have the younger ones left too??? Where would they go? Don't worry about what it will be like when you are old. You will always have friends, people who are like you and people to talk to. If there is something missing in your life why don't you fill it up with a job or a volunteer job that deals with that stuff. Like if you are always thinking of your kids take a job at a day care and raise other peoples kids. It is not for every one but you may find some good out of it. Don't expect life to give you what you want. You have to go out and get it.