My Family...

I love my family very much!!

Ive got a mother, shes my best friend. Shes two hours away from me, and I try to see her as much as I can. ( not that often ) we talk on the phone everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I love it!! Even if we talk 3 or 4 hours , there is always more to say, or more to ask. I have lots of questions, and shes full of advice.
My Step-dad, hes the best too!! There is nothing he wouldnt do for me, and then there is nothing I wouldnt do for him! We talk endless hours on the  phone too. Sometimes  hes just calling to tease, or to make fun of something Ive done in the past. He gets bored living out in the "sticks"
I have one brother that I know of. That my mom raised...Im not sure about :blood sibblings on my birth fathers side. I have never had any contact with him ...Im 30 by the way!! Id like to know what is up with him...Ive recently made contact with the family...however, he hsnt made any attempt to call me back to arrange that tells me he doesnt want to contact me or know me, or my children.
Well back to my brother...I havent spoke to him since New years eve 2003. He  and I  had some bad words exchanged...He knows I love him, and I would help him in a heart beat if he would only pull his big head outta his butt!! HE thinks he knows everything!!
And on that note...I have 4 wonderful kids!! 2 boys ages 14 and 9, both are tough years for them!! The teenager wants to be alone, doing his own things, the 9 year old wants to  know whats going on ALL of the time, so he is in his brothers I hear " MOM Can u please ask him to leave me alone?!" Or " MOM Can u please ask him to let me know what hes doing?!"  They dont get along most of the time...but when they are with out each other they are most miserable...they mope around here, heads hung the whole nine yards, asking me umpteen times when is my brother gonna be back?
I am also blessed with 2 wonderful gals;) Ages 5 & 2!! Sometimes the 2 year old can be a handfull!! She gets into everything. My 5 yer old daughter is adorable!! Shes kinda loving, caring...most quiet of them all. Loves to read, and color, and she loves watching me when Im doing some baking or getting things ready for supper, shes my right hand.
There is nothing I wont do for my children...and I would do everything for them. Im a hard head sometimes, and I can honnestly say that is where their attitudes come from , casue boi oh boi they give me some attitude back !! Other then that I love ALL OF MY FAMILY VERY MUCH!!!

shy30 shy30
26-30, F
May 5, 2007