Love Never Ends

We live in a world with a lot of illusions, and I am just beginning to come out of many of them. One of them is religion. It is a belief system set up by Man to keep people enslaved. Our Creator never intended for this to be so. Our Creator is LOVE, and the world which we currently see is not that of which our Creator invisioned, it is a Creation of Mans own Free Will to choose. This world is filled with fear, hate, sorrow, sadness. Out of the almost 7 billion souls on earth, only a handful have any idea what real LOVE even is. Only a small percentage of souls even have the courage to question what they have been led or taught to believe. I can tell you from much personal experience, that it is the path of Love that will begin to set you free and open your eyes. You cannot find truth by listening to the opinions and beliefs of others. You must set out to be on a path of your own, and not someone elses path or journey. This is what it means by ask, seek, and you will receive. Love opens the doors that begin to set you free of the many man made illusions created. I have only just begun my jouney to being free, but every day is more and more exciting to me because now I am thinking for myself, instead of letting what others have made me believe stay in my reality.I am changing the illusions I once believed in, and I have discovered that through and with love as my guide, that my new reality is so much better than that which I used to live in. Our Creator gave us free will to choose which paths we will take, and gave us a mind to use to decide what we choose. In a world filled with so much hate, it is my free will choice to choose love over all things. Things come and go, but love will never end nor die! Nature is filled with so much beauty and our Creator uses nature as a means to know love, feel love, find love, express love, be love. So, when you decide to come out of Man's illusions and come back to what our Creator is, then will you begin to truly know what real love is all about.
loveandlight7 loveandlight7
41-45, F
Sep 21, 2011