You Only Live Twice

was the first one I saw at 12.  Been watching ever since, got the theme song 3 different ways.  

Found it interesting that Quantom of Solace is a real sequal of Casino Royal.  Some friends that haven't seen Casino watched Quantom they were lost.

Looking forward to the new one that should be out later this year.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Pierce Bronson was a good one an one of the favorites but Sean Connery defined James Bond

It is the suave image thing nothing wrong with that for sure.

funny how connected we feel with James... I only drink vodka martini's when I go out with friends, I'm switching my wardrobe to include Tom Ford's shirts, and I'm saving up for an omega watch... or is it just that I'm a dork? (no need to answer-it's a rhetorical question)