I Really Do

I love all things about being a baby from the diapers and pacifiers to the bottles and stuffed animals. i love feeling like a baby and being treated like one the only thing im missing is a good loving mommy. I love the comfort and feeling of security i get from acting like a baby. i love how the diapers feel when i have them on i love the taste of milk or formula from a baby bottle. i love cuddling up with my stuffed pikachu and suck on my paci as i get ready to go to sleep . its such a great stress relief and such a great source of comfort. i wish i had a mommy to change me, baby me, give me baths, feed me, play with me and tuck me in at night and either read me a story or sing me a lullaby. i wish i did but its still great being a teen baby and i truly love all things about it.
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

I two love all the things about being a baby

Its super fun I like it

Bubby.. I no how oo feew. I want aww dat stuff to.

But you as a daddy do those things for me :) Virtually...