French Cuisine

I've always loved french food & I have always loved to cook.  I'm beginning to fuse the two together, and so far so good.  :)  I just bought Julia Child's book, Mastering The Art of French Cooking.  It's a hard one to navigate through but packed with great recipes & good tips.  Anyone read this book?  Or any advice for a beginner french chef? ;)
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Hit GD

I just spent @ 15 mins going from click to click to click

The cheeky sparkling St Hilaire, brewed in Bordeaux @ $10 a bottle sounds particulairement oo-la-la

I made a cocktail of cider, pineapple vodka mix & Italian sparkling vino, favoured with tropical & summer fruits

Formidsable .. magnifique

How @ Delicious Divas free gigs?

Search @ youtube

don't cut corners by taking less time than the cookbook allows. You will not have the rich flavors if you do.