You Rock!

What's not to love about this woman?? 

She loves chocolate! 

She loves Antonio Banderos!

She's a wild and crazy Wiccan Feminist who wants to rule the world! Muwhahahahaha!!!

Ok, seriously,  I just love this woman.  She is a wonderful friend and my sister and I'm happy to have her in my family!

The Trooper and I couldn't have asked for a better friend while I was in the hospital.  She kept him calm with her encouraging messages and  sent me blessings and love to help me get well.  I'm so glad I met her!  We've become good friends and have spoken over the phone and one day I hope to meet Miss Alteredego and her family ;')

Love and hugs from your friend Giggles and the hunky Trooper Badass, LOL

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That dog is too wild :) Yes, Miss AE rocks! She's a good friend.

Hahaha, she mentioned that to me, how funny I chose one so close to it :)

The funny thing is she had a poster for years of a chihuahua that looked real close to this one..... I about fell off my chair when I saw it.

Don't you just love that Wild looking Chihuahua? I just fell over laughing when I found that!!

OMG That is awesome......!!!!!

Aaw, and we love you Dex. Hahaha, the wild, crazy feminist thing is just an inside joke....I swear, your sisters are quite normal. And if you believe that, I have a lovely piece of land right under the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge and I'll sell it to you cheap!! heehehe

I am so jealous that my EP-Sisters will be meeting in the Other World! I would so love to be there!<br />
<br />
You disowned the mohawk, Lil Sis, but not the nipple-piercing or the semi-nudity? How far does this 'wild and crazy Wiccan feminist' thing go?<br />
<br />
I love you both, sisters Big and Lil!

Aaw, we just love you! I have the best friends on EP ;')