so wut is your facret munk and why and how r you like them and wut is your favret songs they sing?

for me well i like both simon and alvinf 

im a lot like the thre put togather exsept im a lot like theo cus im shy and very sensitiv and i like to eat too lol


ill proly add to this later

beeeriy beeeriy
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as the saying goes if cant say aneything nice dont say aneything at all. there is some people on this sit i think should stick to that. Simon and Theodore because id say im smart and shy.

@Thebatterytest, Please consider reading more of his stories. there is a good reason for his spelling. If you're going to leave those kinds of comments without commenting on the subject matter of the story, I suggest that you don't say anything at all. Had you read this story <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> you would know not to say anything and just go about your life.<br />
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Education and/or spellchecker required.