More Than Friends

It was a typical day for the Seville household,and things were going great for Alvin Seville.You probably know who he is if you don't then well he's a teenager.He is rude,mean and hot-headed,but once you get know him his really not that bad.

He was going to go his friends house who is Brittany Miller she's just like Alvin,but she's more kind,respectful and really nice.They are going to meet each other at her house coz they decided to do homework together.

Brittany heard the doorbells ring and said”I'll get it”she answers and saw Alvin.Brittany said:”Well look who's finally here”Alvin just rolled his eyes at her.Alvin entered her house and said :”so are we going to get started or what”

Sorry I have no time to continue this I'll try tomorrow if I'm really good then plz be one of my fans I only have one if you wanna be my fan then thanx:-)
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Dec 14, 2012