Poem: Can I?

I look into your eyes
And inside
I wonder
Can I cry?
Your arm reaches out
To hold me
And I see
That perhaps I can
The burden is too much
A friend, I can see
Tell me, please
Can I be free?
I hold on to that hand
As my life depends
This is my safe land
Will I smile again?
You saw the scars
You saw my voice
And you can see
I have a choice
My mind says no
My heart says yes
From here on out
You are my friend

You're my new friend, Aly-chan, and my new big sister. :3
Emolia Emolia
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Awwww:3 I love you sweetie!^.^

Thank you. :')

And you may cry to me anytime you like sweetheart<3 it's why I'm here:)

Really? Thanks. :')

Really really:) and theres no need to thank me;)

Why not? You're being so nice... :)

I'm not being nice, im just being ME:) you're helping me by revealing my real self^.^

How? Really? :D

Yes silly^.^
I'm not entirely sure how:/
But it's kinda like a momma bear with her cubs....you're one of my cubs:3

What if someone gets near your cubs? Then what? :0

I eat them!

Eek! :D

Jklol if they are kind, then I just watch them carefully. If they are not so kind, I will fight til I either die, or they go away<3

No! Dun die!! :(

Hehehe^.^ tis a good thing you are one of my cubs:)

Otherwise I might just have to eat you up:3 ahm nam num
No, you are too cute and sweet to eat:)

Yesh. I like being a cub. :3

Good:) it would be a bad thing if you didn't like being my cub, cuzh den, I would be sadsh:,( and I couldn't care for my other cubs like Kizaki and Peyton

Who is Peyton? Is she nice? Does she like you? I like you! :3

Her username is crazybladebabe
She is very nice:)
Aw you are a sweetheart^.^

Really??? I want her to be meh fwiend! Yay! How am I sweetheart? :3

Message her then^.^

You just are;)

Well no one can just be something! There has to be a reason! :)

Nope;) you just ARE<3

Yay! I ❤ joo Aly-chan! :3

I love you too Em:)

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