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Women Are An Art Form

I love to see nude women...all shapes and all sizes and I love looking at their pictures. How bout you?
foxykrys foxykrys 18-21, F 5 Responses Sep 30, 2010

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Most definitely, especially when what you're seeing is a 'forbidden fruit' type picture, posed to reveal a little more than you are supposed to see!

i love the female form as art ... there is nothing better to look at in the world <br />
<br />

Love all nude art especially nude women

all bodies are an art for, if yo know the fundementals of art and design, contrast deoth repition, value highlights tecture and eve story form whatever image it may be--but women are so easy to relate to when it comes to delacasy and spledor, howver...........................not all women..........wich is cool cuz ill appreciate the better more lol

I never tire of seeing women of shapes and stages of dress, there something fantastic about every one of them.