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~4-some~ Sex With Another Couple

This is Ashley writing. I wanted to write about my fiance and I. Brian and I have been together for 8yrs on March 22nd. We are completely happy sexually, and know we are ment to stay together. With that, we both have been talking about our sexual life and the need to expand it. One of Brian's "fantasy's" you'd say, is to simply have sex with lots of people watching/or having sex around us. I am also bisexual....Brian is NOT. He's completely straight. I've wrote about my fantasy of wanting to be with a black woman. But now, what really turns me on, is the thought of Brian with another woman. Biggest thing is picturing her giving Brian a blow-job. Just a hot woman pleasing him, turns me on. Is that strange? Normally a girl would be turned off by that, or jealous. But, I can't be jealous if I'm there, and or, if it was a 4-some. Another couple that we're both trading with. Having sex together. Besides, Brian's already said to me, that he does have that thought he misses that, "first time" with someone new feeling. That first time with someone new is either very hot, or completely not. lmao Can go either way. Brian and I weren't with a lot of people before we met either. He had been with 7 woman. I had been with 7guys and "a few" women. ;) So, we were both kinda picky on our sex partners in a way. So, anyways, I think the thought a 4-some is a huge turn on. I am wanting to try "group" sex. Limited to just us and another couple! lol No crazy ****, like 10 people in a room going at it bullshit. And no offense to people that are into it. lol Not for me! lol So, is it weird I want my man to **** another woman and it turns me ON????
AshleynBrian AshleynBrian 26-30 26 Responses Mar 9, 2011

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So hot!

Good luck finding people in your area.

the thought/fantasy of my wife with another man can be alot of fun for me. but i feel weird about liking it too. haven't heard too many girls expressing that feeling but i would say, no, not weird, whatever floats your boat is great!

I was lucky to find someone that I worked with she came into a shower knowing I was there and asked me if I minded well after she said that her husband seen my **** and would I like to have a 3 sum and would I let him suck me after I had pulled out of her hay I'm 40 so why not had lots of fun with them so glad you up to doing to and having fun even he not bi

Not at all

I don't think it's weird. Maybe it's weird of me to say this, but I think it's kind of 'giving' in a way. You want him to have that pleasure and it in turn gives you pleasure. It sounds like you've got a match made in heaven. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

My wife gets turned on when women hit on me ... always has. I remember one time when she encouraged me to join a bachelor party, then kept mentioning the lap dances I would get. When I got home I found out she spent all night playing with her vibrator. She was exceptionally hot and put the strippers to shame!

My wife finds it a really big turn on. And I love watch her wth another woman

Your thoughts are completely valid & I can relate with what Bran is going through

I have dated quite a few women, but only 6 seriously (for more than a year). Out of the 6, one was hot to see me **** another woman. I felt lucky to have one out of 6 feel that way. I suspect that the percentage of women that want to see their guy having sex with someone besides them is pretty low. Does that make you weird? I don't think so. I probably means you are comfortable with who you are. Not threatened easily. I bet you are really cool.

Not at all. My wife and I recently found a couple because she wanted to try a bi experience. The guys were on the couch watching, she brought the other girl over to me and made her start to suck me. She said it was a fantasy of hers to watch this. I never knew she wanted to watch me get sucked off til completion. Very hot!


add me please

Not even close to weird! I think its fantastic that you're secure enough with your relationship to want to explore and push boundaries!

No and just for that... You're even hotter!

No babe, it is ultimate sharing. That is knowing yourself well and your partner. A blissful experience to say the least. A very exciting time to be had for all. Also means you are secure in your relationship. Your fine. In case you didn't get the memo this is it. You are not weird, just well balanced. ;-)

we love to play with other couples and wife is bi also...I am straight. We should chat and share more sometime.

I would love to married to a woman that thinks as you do;)

You sound like a great girlfriend to me and i can see your fantasy real clear! You have this black couple and the wife is sucking Brian and you are watching them both while this woman's husband is shoving his big black **** up your ***** and your eating his black wife's *****!! Sound good?

Why could I not have found a woman like you when I was ready to settle down the 1st time?

(sigh) Oh the wonders of youth ;-)

Thanks for being honest, and glad you have the stones to admit it!

It is a huge turn on as I have been there and experienced it, it is not weird to want to see your guy getting a bj. What matters is what you guys think and if you are both willing to go there. Go there with open minds to enjoy!!

where can i find someone like you

not at all paul, thats sooooo ******* hot. nothing more intensely sexy than watching your partner get eaten out / sucked off by some hot stranger, and you're partner being a bad *****/man about it :)<br />
<br />
you need to to have it look at you with a mean confident ex<x>pression while some hot little **** sucks his **** in front of you, and him saying 'you don't ind right babe, you're such a good girl"...fukkkkkkkkkkk! sexy stuff :)

It's very normal......I think it's unnatural not to give the one you love gifts no one else will give them.