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my voyeured wife, she is 52

voyeured wife:
blackdog519 blackdog519 51-55, M 67 Responses Sep 2, 2012

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always enjoy more photos of your sexy wife.

Very nice.

Very nice body. Thanks for sharing

Delightful! I could never grow tired of looking at you!

That is one tight 52 year-old female. And excellent shooting Blackdog.

She looks damn hot for a 52 yr old!!

You are one lucky guy to have such a well toned wife. And she's wonderful to have a lovely bush! Please add me on as a friend.

She is absolutely superb. You are one lucky husband.

totally stunning and very hot for a 52 year old

Oh, you are wonderful

lovely **** and hot *****

Your wife is so hot with a gorgeous body.I,d love to be added as a friend and see more of her

Delightful photo collection. Tasteful and erotic. Thanks.

Very nice and very sexy lady. take good care of her before someone else does.

Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing her - John

really hott!

Love the slim trim body but o man I adore the hot hairy **** .....**** yeah love to eat that .....

great job catching the full frontal shots. bravo!

Hey - this is very sexy - I love the pictures

I LOVE this one!

You are very beautiful. I enjoy looking at you very much.

I love her.

Love it!!

Your wife looks terrific, thanks for sharing her :) good of you to share this terrific wife.

Hot, very hot.... You're a lucky guy.

That's cool that your wife likes to show herself off

she is hot




She's got fantastic nipples dude

So hot!!!! she is gorgeous!

Very sexy wife!

Love the bush!!! More pictures please!

plenty in my profile

So hot. I like all her body. Her **** are awesome, her hairy ***** so tasty and a great ***.

lovely sexy body -would love **** her

Great photos - she will be in my fantasies for a while!

mmmm love her *******, perfect for nibbling

Fine looking woman. If you ever decide to give her up, call me.

would never give her up - but would love to share

I would be honored and proud to have her shared with me.

She is one very sexy looking lady. Any man's dream!

That's gorgeous! I especially like the angle of the fourth pic down...

Make that the fifth one

Very nice !

Your wife is sexy! Great body!

Pure shame this sexy wife of your's won't play! Does she put out good sex and **** sucking for you? Ican see why you fantasize? her body hairy ***** and everything about her would make any of us men want to **** her for your visual pleasures!

You have a beautful wife

She is so beautiful and you are a very lucky man!

I love these. Thanks but please post more

plenty more in my profile

Great body...Please post more.

thanks for sharing.

She is wonderful, thank you for sharing her. I could never get tired of looking at her!

Love that hairy *****

I really love her beautiful body and elegance.
I would love her to talk dirty because I love such a gap.

Beautiful figure for a 52 year old.

Very nice!

Nice. What does she enjoy most?

Loves being licked and doggie

Beautiful lady - love her body and wonderful breasts

very sexy woman is she your wife

love the voyeurism, adore her bush, would love the feeling of her hair in my mouth

Thank you for sharing !

She is ravishing, love a woman that is natural and what a delight she is. Your a lucky man and thanks so much for sharing look forward to seeing more!

once again.......great artistic view.... enticing...inviting...alluring....risky and rewarding.

she is a very sexy woman


Very nice - thank you for sharing.

great voyeurism.

really, really nice! I hope she approved of you posting her pictures. I also hope she is turned on by the thought of all of us looking at her.