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I Do Amateur Pics


I take and post pics of myself on amateur web's just kind of a hobby..I get off to it..and

the guys seem to like it so what is the harm?..

btw...I do have a website...

txwoman2 txwoman2 36-40, F 56 Responses Oct 13, 2009

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Good girl

No harm, but I admit I will be checking the site out,,,,you look very sexy

No harm at all! specially from a lovely lady such as yourself, you would make any man's day just by looking a you.

Hi there.
Do you mind if I could add you?

add me

A very exciting website!

oh wow! this the ghost of xmas past?...not sure..he hasnt been around in such a long!!!!

Maybe the ghost of Christmas yet to come. Nice to see you. I do enjoy your site.

yet to come...lmao...luv it..xoxoxo

Lovely. Genuinely lovely. I'd love to see it in a pair of boyshorts... I'll bet you look amazing.


we all thank you for sharing your hobby with us, a lovely visual treat for sure

there would be no reason for my hobby with you guys..xoxox

I love your pics!!

thank u..xo

Would love to see the site but it seems to no longer be active

you must have put it in wrong or u have some adult filtering on the computer you are using..its definitely active..xo

please add me

add me please

Had a look at your site... you take them all yourself??? Dam you are a sexy woman..... very nice curves... and attributes

please you gorgeous

This is such a thrill for me, an outlet! I was caught completely unaware of how much I would really enjoy not only the process but the effect! :) The boost to self and the want to become more creative is building! How fun!

and inspires me to be do more..xo

Agreed! Definitely that too! Gotta find my a** somewhere its missing, you haven't seen it have you? Lol :)

Please add me I love your site

so protective you male addicts are of this woman <br />
<br />
ha !

what does your mother think of this activity of yours ?

My Mother is dead..any more questions?..

As mentioned by others, no harm whatsoever - and you are not alone, we post on other sites.<br />
<br />
Great pics of a lovely lady, many thanks for sharing with us all

thank you..and now I have to see yours..xo

Please feel free, we do hope you enjoy them!

I couldn't possibly provide an ob<x>jective response when such hotification is involved.

just join my circle and/or visit my website..xo

Love to see them.

well geez..not wanting anyone to die over my pics..xo

it's fun...x

I did add you babe...xoxo

no harm at all i love the amateur pics they are more arousing than the professionally modeled ones. i hope you will add me would love to see more

I appreciate the compliments...

Would love to see the profile pics, add me as a friend. Will visit your website later today.

well thanks..I do need to add some pics to it but haven't been motivated lately...xo

just make the request..add me...xoxo