What I Woke Up To

A few nights ago I was sleeping on my back. I woke up when my husband turned on the light and I looked up at him and smiled. He gave me a smile that I just knew was telling me I was going to get laid.  Any way he removed his clothes and he was hard all ready so I was really happy now. Then he pulled my pants off and got on top of me . He was kissing my neck and that was all I needed to get going. I stuck my *** up a little and he stuck his **** in. I was tight and this just made it all the more pleasurable for the both of us. He was thrusting at a good pace and I was biting the pillow it felt so good. (not to forget still moaning.) He then did something that made me really aroused. He pushed both my legs together with his legs. I could feel him getting deeper and I knew if this kept up I was going to ***. Just as I was getting even more wet he put his arm under me and squeezed my boob. He put his other arm on my head and pushed down (not rough but just enough to have a better movement.) I then noticed that he was building up like I was. He slowed down at this point and went harder and deeper.  Oh that was just what I needed I started to ***. I had a sensation go through my whole body. The wonderful thing is he started to *** from when I did. Of course I had to keep moving my hips to help make his ****** longer. When we both finished he relaxed on top of me and we were out of breath. He then kissed my neck he gave a thrust into me a few more times. Then he whispered in my ear "I love you" Those words makes it even better to me. We were like that for awhile but I love being woken up for amazing sex.
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I agree with you, I love to wake up and have sex during the night.

Great minds think alike. :D