July 5, 2011 Waking Up In My Mind Vangelis Oceanic

My music is New Age Ambient Space Music ...

15 years ago I missed the Release of: VANGELIS's Latest Newest Album: "OCEANIC".

While I got his Album: "VOICES".

I heard a piece of this music on "Music From the Hearts Of Space" one of the Programs. And wondered how I missed getting the Album.

Was Awesome! Last March this year I made an order for the music and in the Month of March it was Awesome.

My waking up in my in my mind for this day:  July  5, 2011 ...

Is the length of the Ambience: ( 7:44 = Just under 8 minutes long) = "FIELDS OF CORAL"

It also sounds a bit like:  "Jean Michel Jarre"

And VANGELIS's COSMOS Music.  Just Awesome!

Yet this is Mysterious and Aqua Dangers as one so-journ's (Lousy Spell Checker. Will Not Suggest what I really want).

I'm not in a good mood right now. {Edited: Got the Date Wrong. Now Corrected.}
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jul 5, 2011