Why I Love Her" (america)

You ask me Why I Love Her? Well, I've a million reasons why:
Have you seen a Kansas sunset or an Arizona rain?
Have you drifted on a bayou down Louisiana way?
Have you watched a cold fog drifting over San Francisco Bay?
Have you heard a bobwhite calling in the Carolina pines,
Or heard the bellow of a diesel at the Appalachia mines?
Does the call of Niagara thrill you when you hear her waters roar?
Do you look with awe and wonder at her Massachusetts shore,
Where men who braved a hard new world first stepped on Plymounth's rock?
And do you think of them when you stroll along a new York City dock?
Have you seen a snowflake drifting in the Rockies, way up high?
Have you seen the sun come blazing down from a bright Nevada sky?
Do you hail to the Columbia as she rushes to the sea,
Or bow your head at Gettysburg at our struggle to be free?
Have you seen the mighty Tetons? Have you watched an eagle soar?
Have you seen the Mississippi roll along Missouri's shore?
Have you felt a chill at Michigan when on a winter's day
Her waters rage along the shore in thunderous display?
Does the word "Aloha" make you warm? Do you stare in disbelief
When you see the surf come roaring in at Waimea Reef?
From Alaska's cold to the Everglades, from the Rio Grande to Maine,
My heart cries out, my pulse runs fast at the might of her domain.
You ask me Why I Love Her? I love beautiful America, beneath God's wide, wide sky.

God bless you my frend.
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Take twenty minutes and read "The Man Who Traveled in Elephants" by Robert Heinlein. It'll give you a flavor for an America that is almost gone. It is a beautiful story and has almost nothing to do with elephants. :-)

SupermanDC Thank you..I am humbled by your words........:)

clarkee my friend You are so kind..Thank you...:)

gosh you have so many stories!! im glad that this one popped up for me. sorry if i sound cynical because im not, just in awe. did you write this?! its a most delightful poem and i can read it over and over and enjoy it. did you ever think of putting it to music? the words are nice enough to memorize. i applaud you.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to stop be and comment..Sweet of you!......:)

I, am neither American, but i would dearly love to come and visit such a beautiful country! :) You have just given me an appertizer in your wonderful tribute to, such a gorgeous country! thank you so much for sharing your post! :)

Always welcome my friend..Your a true friend and I am honored to have you and your beautiful wisdom and thought........:)

It would be difficult for someone visiting from another country to decide what to see. Unless you are prepared to spend two or three months, you will have to make some difficult decisions, because most every state has it's own beauty to offer, and continental america is so large (over 3.5 million square miles or nearly 10 million square kilometers). A foreigner should spend a couple months researching, to narrow down what they would prefer to see ... youtube is a good start, as there is video of nearly every sight there is to see. Highlights I could profer would be Key West and an airboat ride in the everglades - Gatlinburg Tenn. amazing natural beauty - Las Vegas(a modern wonder of the world) - Hoover Dam and the Grande Canyon - Yosemite - and Yellowstone - for those interested in history, Natchez Miss has many antebellum plantation homes filled with antique furniture and history that are also B&Bs and Natchez has casino riverboats. ... I should be a tour guide... lol ... It is a great country - waiting to reveal its wonders and beauty to those who seek adventure.

Thank you kindly..I appreciate your words..so nice of you....GOD BLESS YOU......:)

I am not American and have never been to your grand country but this was a superb tribute and you have got me wanting to go there sooner rather than later.

You are so kind...........:)

This was just beautiful. It is a vast and very diverse and beautiful land we live on.

thank you so much all my friends (OnewithJC),(MyLucidDream) and missjulie13....God bless all of you my friends..........:)

People really need to get out and see and explore the many wonders america offers. We have a beautiful country... I could write a book about all the fantastic scenery I have seen from Maine to Chaleston and Savannah to the Florida Keys, to Gatlinburg Tenn to Mackinack Island, to Natchez Miss, to San Antonio to LAS VEGAS and Lake Tahoe to Seattle .... People ... you need to get out and see what a beautiful country we have.... It is truely awesome....

I love this. Thank you for posting it.