INDEPENDENCE DAY Fourth of July 2012

Th e first American Flag was known as the Betsy Flag and was designed by Congressman Francis Hopkinson and sewn by Betsy Ross. It was adopted by Congress in 1777. It is known as the "Stars and Stripes" (and has 13 of each for the thirteen original Colonies / States) or "Old Glory". White was for PURITY  Red for VALOUR  Blue for Justice.  The Stars represented the Heavens and the Stripes the "Rays of the Sun" - awesome.  

The modern American Flag has 50 stars and is the most important symbol of the USA worldwide.  Burning the "Star Spangled Banner" is the biggest insult anyone can give to America. 

Written in blood on the Fourth of July
in seventeen seventy six
To make independent men of goodwill
from those who would serve them with tricks ! 

It was written with love and written with peace
by the greatest statesman of all
Jefferson Thomas - President Third
and accepted by those who rose to the call.

It was based on a truth "All Men equal are Born"
And American people have rights
To be ruled people the people have chose
Putting an end to Colonial blights !

It pledged to each person the promise of peace
Preciseness  of statement a clear Declaration
the Independence of the thirteen young States
Formation and start of a glorious Nation. 

Signing the Declaration of Independence 4th July 1776

Three hundred and thirty six years have passed by
and the States from thirteen to fifty
The whole  World owes a debt to the United States
and her Presidents all have been nifty !

George Washington ruled - Puritanical zeal
then Adams & Jefferson too 
Abraham Lincoln - Roosevelt Theodore
Eisenhower - Kennedy - Nixon & Carter 
Regan & Clinton - Bush One & Bush Two

All forty four good men and true
Although some fell from grace in their duty
Grover Cleveland Served twice
which must have been nice !
And now Barrack Obama - First Man of Color
and Michelle Obama - ancestors were slaves
a real Afro-American Beauty ! 

George I  Barrack  George II  Bill  Jimmy  - January  2009

US Girls have their rights
And First Ladies act like a Queen
But a Leader in tights
Such a creature has never been seen !
Not even a Vice - well that's not very nice
But just wait 'til two thousand sixteen
Hockey Mum Sarah Palin and Hillary C
Face to face on the svelte White House Green !

This is either a Prophesy or Your worst Nightmare !

Dedicated to all American EP's  THANK YOU !

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9 Responses Jul 3, 2012

get the ****** flag right mate, burn that ****** and get your sen a union jack

Although I'm not an american.I think your country rocks.Your way of life the free spirit in which your country runs is amazing.thanks 4 a lesson in American history.

Thank you WS, we are aso having some typical american BBQ and awesome fireworks at night to celebrate. I've always loved the US flag, even before I got here!! To me it was a symbol of opportunity and equal rights as I was growing up.

What a wonderful rendition of what it means to be of the United States. Our forefathers were very intelligent people.

Awwwwww! wow!! even though i am not an American,. *But there, for the record, my maternal grandmother and her twin brother sailed from America to the UK In 19 some odd,.with of course both parents, And that's all i know". So i have some sort of the "Good ole USA" in me. Which part in the US i have no idea. LOL. <br />
<br />
I thought this was fantastic, fabulous information and something i knew very little until now. Brilliant research my handsome darling EP friend.<br />
<br />
And i thank you so much for sharing your amazing post! :D :D

July 4 is also our independence day during american occupation

Interesting history lesson.I'm still voting my heart. Obama's the one for me.

Thanks WHITESPIRIT! That was informative, I have never seen the first flag before! Good to know!

lol! You had me smiling until the very end, honey!! LOL xoxo