You Do?

I am born and raised American, and I have no idea why you all find our accents even amusing :)

Everyone here is obsessed with British and Australian/Kiwi accents.

Why is it "charming"? Not that I'm not flattered :)

p.s. you're answering to a girl who didn't even know Americans had accents until she turned 10. I just thought the rest of the world had accents.
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I can see why my boyfriend loves my accent then haha. I'm Australian, never been out of the country believe it or not. But my boyfriend is american. Actually he's Mexican which I guess gives me a bonus since he has a Spanish and american accent. I've also loved the British accent. I'm not really sure why its so appealing for me but I've always loved hearing people speak if their American or British. But then everyone has an accent, even me :P
I find it awesome that we can speak one language but all have different accents. Seriously, how awesome is that?

I think every country, nay, every city has a distinct accent that is different from the others. :)

Yeah, I think so too. I live in California, so I don't think that there is a distinct American accent because you can tell if someone is from New Jersey or Texas.