Trouble In Paradise

I Have a wonderful 8-1/2 month old American bulldog named Forrest after Forrest gump :)
He is very smart and stubborn as the breed entails, he has a biting issue with only me.
I have tried every trick and tip I have learned from several sources, holding him on the ground until he submits, water bottle, redirection, correcting then withdrawing attention. These things have always worked for me except last week he started biting while on a walk and wouldn't stop, he left massive bruises on my arms called my husband to get him, obviously upset. He was fine for my husband and stopped once we got back to the house he was calm and submissive, night and day in a matter of minutes. After I calmed down I went to him he didn't bite again was submissive and his usual passive sweet demeanor. The only theory I have is that he maybe had a lot of pent up energy and it was a mid communication? He hasn't bit me at all since. I would like some advice from anyone who has had experience in training these dogs or specializes in there behavior patterns and psychology. I love my dog and want him to be the best he can be. I also have him in obiedience classes which he enjoys and does well in
Forrestgump2012 Forrestgump2012
Sep 9, 2012