American Psycho..

Couple of days back i gotta see this Movie.. "American Psycho".. Well. its really a Horror, Killer, Pscycho.. all the three in one movie..  Because of too much blood i had to skip some scene..

But i have a doubt.. whats happening at the end.. he would be telling (confessing) to his lawyer.. but his lawyer wouldnt believe his words.. i dont know why.

If anybody could tell me this ..  that would be great..

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The fact that you skipped parts hinders your understanding, and you obviously didn't pay enough attention to understand it how it's meant to be shown in the first place because that is such a stupid question. My advice? Read the book. It's better anyway, though I do love the movie.

You know how Patrick would listen to music and talk like he's in a commercial? I think that's him day-dreaming or by day-dreaming meaning it's all in his head. Remeber the part were he was getting money out of the ATM? a cat was in front of it he picked it up and he saw on the machine "FEED ME A STRAY CAT" a nd he puts the cat to the ATM and trys to shoot it. so in me theory he's nuts.

Thanks for your explanation.. <br />
but what does it mean by day-dream? you mean the murders never happened? what happened to Paul Allen??<br />
plz do explain:)

errr..... dude, you have REALLY missed the point of this movie! It is a hilarious satire about 1980's capitalist culture.<br />
The lawyer was not only possibly confused because they all wear the same suit and have the same haircut, but probably would not want the embarrasment of being associated with this type of crime. It is better for him to deny it has even happened. Same at the apartment, wher the murders took place. It always leaves the possibility that it really WAS all in his head, as we see from his doodles on his pad, that th secretary finds, he certainly did day-dream. Is that enough explanation?<br />
I love Hughie Lewis and the News now! :D