The Only Girly Show That I Watch!

My sister and I watch this show every week, every season. We always like to figure out who is the major diva of the group... so we can boo at her and hopes she fails! And then we always try to find that nice and modest one of the group, so we can cheer for her and hope for her victory. :-)

We also like the challenges that the models must do, to compete. Of it all, I am glad I am not model material! A model's life is tough and not so much fun. I kinda feel sorry for them... having to be nothing but pretty dolls, who have to dress, act, and be what others want them to be. That seems like a suffocating lifestyle to me. I must be myself and dress the way I want! So... this why (besides my poor looks) I could never be a model! =p

But the show is fun to watch! :-D

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Mar 15, 2009