Huge Turn On

I am attracted to female amputees, especially congenital amputees (from birth). Also women with dysmelia, which is differently formed limbs, like as effected by thalidomide and other birth "defects". I've never had the opportunity to fulfill this desire, maybe someday.....

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I went out with a scottish woman who had Arthrogoposis which meant her arms hadn't fomed properly and she couldn't open them out, she also had a tilted pelvis so she walked a bit different and i tell you, she's a spot on maid (we still friends) and took no crap. Growing up in Glasgow and looking different it was be a victim or a victor and she chose the latter and didn't change when she came down here. When next doors kids and their mates were making a racket in her back yard one night she went to tell them AGAIN to get out. One of the lads mouthed off right into her face and as she was standing on her doorstep she was level with him and gave him a Glaswegian kiss, (headbutt) whereupon the rest legged it and when next day she saw the boy, who was sporting a black eye, he nodded and said "Alright." to her. She had no more trouble with them after that! <br />
P.S. Been to Michigan, just thought i'd throw that in!