Roller Coasters

I've been ridding roller coaster since I was very young and recently went to Cedar Point and rode Top Thrill Dragster the fastest and tallest coaster I've ever been on I been on more than 40 diffrent roller coasters in America but my all time favorite are both at Six Flags Great America the original Batman The Ride wich is just amazing and now is a coaster landmark the other is one of the tallest, fastest, longest 100% wood racing coasters out there and it's over 20 years old the first drop there is no coaster to match what you feel, so much air time but the mid ride helix is the funest parts it's we're you start slow and very fast gain speed then at the end very steep unexpected drop gets you every time
CaptElenaRisk CaptElenaRisk
31-35, T
Sep 30, 2012