Back To Black

Amy Winehouse was known for her honest, raw lyrics and a strong soulful sound that resonated with many across the world.

Her lyrics may not be "clean" but the clarity of her message was.

One of my favorite songs that she recorded is Back to Black.

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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Back to Black is one my all-time favorite albums. The title track is my favorite song. This woman was so full of talent. If you haven't read her father's book - please do. I highly recommend it for all her fans.

Ahhh WSA... Amy Winehouse will always be one of my faves. She just... "got it"... and Back to Black is a mini masterpiece..

True. B2B is a mini masterpiece. It is such a shame to lose someone so talented but she was on a one way track to destruction. Her biography, written by her father, is coming out in July.

I will definitely read it. She was just a huge loss, she really was... and everyone could see it coming. I just pressed "repeat" on the video again ;-)

I posted the YouTube with the lyrics. The visual video can creep some people out with the cemetery scene. Plus, it is always nice to know exactly what they are saying word for word.

Yes! Lyrics are good... there was a funny commercial on TV awhile ago (forget what it was advertising) but it had people singing the wrong lyrics to well known songs.. haha hahaha... it was so true!

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