Becoming Worried...

I'm a 19 year old female and i am in a relationship with a same age guy who i get along with really wonderfully. We love eachother and talk to eachother openly and honestly. Him and i are not working/schooling right now..its been months. I'm in the works of getting a really great job and starting volunteer work at a kitty shelter.

Him and i spend almost everyday together because we have no other obligations really..and we get bored. Not with eachother..just lack of money/lack of variety. He and i both have a lot of alcoholic friends..we hangout at his place (basically my place too) and his friends come over with's always around. I've been able to put my foot down with the booze and am losing my desire to drink like i used to. So a lot of nights he will be drinking and i won't, and i see how it changes his moods when i'm around with his friends and/or roommates. He gets a bit jealous and says that i am hitting on someone/other way around. We always talk about it and talk it through.

He ends up staying up all night (sleeping at 6 a.m., sleeping until 2-5p.m.) and feeling like **** physically/emotionally (anxiety mostly) and has no energy or motivation to go job hunting. I know that a major reason for his drinking right now is that fact that he does not have any obligations, nothing to keep his mind/body/spirit busy and preoccupied.

His parents and my mother are all in Alcoholic's Anonymous and give really great advice, especially HIS mother. She's like an AA jesus haha. I have been thinking about talking to her about this all, i know she would appreciate the information and i would trust she would know how to handle it. I'm thinking of asking her to keep it anonymous for now, i don't want to feel like i am "crossing a line," family-wise.

I only want the best for him, myself and his family. I just think that his mom deserves to know since she is so knowledgeable and loving. I am just afraid that if he knew i talked to her about it, he may feel betrayed or something.
Again, he is very very loving and knows the worth of doing the right thing...a part of me feels he will appreciate that i talked with him's just kind of tricky.

I guess i am posting, wondering if any body in the program, or any alcoholics, anybody experiencing something similar..have any advice on how to play the cards?
lainerbug lainerbug
18-21, F
May 7, 2012