I Love the Man He Is When He's Sober...

He told me when we started dating that he was a recovering alcoholic.

I didn't really know what that was. I learned a lot about alcoholism by reading, asking questions, and going to open AA meetings. I thought I had a pretty good idea what this alcoholism "thing" was all about.

Until he drank.

This weekend, after over a year of sobriety, my love fell off the wagon. We made a whirlwind tour of the emergency room, an open AA meeting, and finally ended up with him entering detox.

His family is oh-so-tired of this. They've got this world-weary, seen-it-all-before attitude. They've given up.

I'm still deciding if I want to give up.
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3 Responses May 21, 2007

when do we say enough is enough???? My counslor asked me a good question this week..... I told her that I went off on my boyfriend one night because he was poking a fork at my son!! she asked me" you'll go off on him for threanting your child, but you don't when he threatens you"? "why"? I keep asking myself that. For yours, I couldn't understand why my three kids did'nt respect me. It has hit me.... why should they respect me, when I dd'nt respect myself by letting the men in my life disrespect me! She gave me a bill of personal rights; if you ever hear of it, it is right on the money. We have to respect ourselves if we want others to!!

Don't give up on him yet. If he races straight back into AA, is serious, and WORKS the program right this time, he should be okay. Alcoholics in recovery are some of the coolest, most spiritually evolved people you could ever hope to meet - but he has GOT to work the program every day.

no one else can tell you whether u should give up or not, because every alcoholic is so different. i lived with a wonderful man for 2years but he was also an alcoholic. In the end he became so out of it when he was drinking that i had to wash him, undress him n take him to the toilet. i suffered with depression n stuff in the past n one day i couldn't take it any more, because i was seeing so little of the man i loved and too much of the alcoholic, so i left him. two n half weeks later he'd killed himself. I wish i had never left him, cos even when things were so bad when i was with him, they are so much worse without him in my life. so it depends if you can see your life without him, and whether that would better. dunno if this has been helpful, i'm sorry if it hasn't.