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If you are with someone who has a problem such a drinking and being an alcoholic you have to understand that they have a problem. I was in a relationship for two years with an alcoholic and I still love him. One thing you can not do is play the victim role. If you know they have the problem and you stay around it enough to get treated bad its your fault too for not leaving. I know easier said than done right? Trust me I would know. Unless your with someone who wants the help you being in a relationship with this person is not good for either side. It puts more stress on the alcoholic and makes you stressed and feel hopeless as well because you can't help. But a person has to want to change. The best thing you can do is show support if possible without the emotions and nothing more until that person is better. If its meant to be it will find its way back together one day. God works in mysterious ways. I've seen the worst of addictions when it comes to relationships and family and this is what I see works the best. Here's a little quote I like to remember in hopes that one day me and the love of my life get back together " if you really love that person be patient, maybe you are not meant to be together today but are meant to be together in the future."
Unknownwriter123 Unknownwriter123 18-21 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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