I Loved An Alcoholic, Now She 46 and Brain Damaged...

Hi to all,

I feel for all you who love alcoholics...I've been married for 23 years to a survivor of ******...She never could put that behind here, and drank to get through the pain...Then last year the Alcohol won, and she developed 'Wernicke -Korsakof Syndrome', a type of Brain Damage...

Now she's like the Drew Barrymore character in '50 First Dates'...She will never make a new memory again...She forget every thing five minute after it occurs, and is always confused. I'm her care give, not her husband'partner...

Hopefully this will show someone out there that there can be a terrible price to pay for constant drinking to both parties in a relationship...

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46-50, M
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Just to let you know that I came across your story, and you were thought of today....and a prayer was sent your way......take care.

Just started dating a girl I'm finding out she's a bad alcoholic drinks in bed when going to sleep. She's always crying about her dad dying I listen try to consoul her. She's nice one second hates me the next I like her but it seems real crazy all the time.I think I should get out .but I want to help her.

Adam, my heart goes out to you. I can't imaging how you must feel. I have never heard of this before. It must be terrible. There are no words I can manage to comfort you.<br />
Thanks for the post. Maybe someone will read this and learn from it before it is to late for them to stop something similar from happening to them, which I'm sure was your intent when posting this story. <br />
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Allii You did the right thing. I could not handle a relationship like that. there is to much pain involved when you have to go through the worries of wondering if she is ok, where she is? Is she alive or what?<br />
I couldn't have delt with that either. <br />
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Peace all