So Close And Yet So Far

A few years ago I met an incredible girl. At first she seemed dark, uncaring, and kinda mean. like a goth girl. but she wasnt really. we strted talking and found out tht we had a lot of stuff in common. she liked to drink blood, play video games, draw, write, and much else. which was all stuff i liked to do too. we eventually became really good friends and scheduled talks for every weekend when she wasn't in school. after a while we started talking about more serious things. example: children and names. but we weren't dating. the after about 7 months i asked a big question. I asked if she wanted to date me. she said yes. much to my enjoyment. ever since then her and i have been together. tht was about 2 or 3 yrs ago. We love each other so incredibly much and we want to get married someday.

But we have some problems. one of them is tht she lives in another country. Which is Puerto Rico. and I live in America. another is tht she's 15 and i'm 18. We do not see these as such big problems. i do intend to leave the country and travel. and she wants to come up here and go to college. At some point I know we will be together and live our lives with each other. My parents see my relationship with her as a big problem. their reasons being tht we live far away and she's not my age. i do agree with them to an extent because currently we can't be together. But they are convinced tht i will never even leave the state. They are angry with me because I fell in love with my true love. I hate them right now. i feel that my family is blind to all this and is trying to control me. But dammit I love her more than anything!! i'd go to hell and back for her!

I guess my point here is i'm wandering if i'm insane for loving this girl and wanting to be with her. and tht her and i are only wasting our time with each other. and if my family is right..... I wish some one could give me some help or something. If anyone who reads this and would like to help me, give their opinion, or whatever. then please do! I would really appreciate it.
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

yay ^^

love you too :)

thank you sweetie. I love you so much..

that's so beautiful hun.....*blushes*

I completely agree with silentdarkness, if u do love her, wait it out and then take the shot to see her when u can. Best of luck :)