For U My Love....

i met someone on e.p. someone i thought id just be friends with

someone i thought i could talk to get to know and have a laugh with

but insteasd i found an angel someone who held me with her words

who gentley held my heart within her hands as i fell so much in love

with her.

thank you babe for being my angel

for spreading those wings around me and holding me tight

for giving  so much joy and love to me

as i hope i to give them to you.

love u babe..alaways..... xxx

masterzune masterzune
41-45, M
6 Responses Feb 26, 2010

haha...well all i can say then babe is my thoughts are of u and my heart beats ony for

lol i am not going to repeat what you, for we are in polite company ;)

lol..u sure im certain i said that or at least something along those lines.

lol that's not what you said last night :P

as are u my love...

you're so sweet....gesture received... :P