And Get Frustrated With An Ignorant One

I heard someone say "I can deal with a lot of things, but I can't deal with stupid", and unfortunately I am starting to feel the same way except I have to be a bit more specific and say "I can deal with a lot of things, but I despise dealing with stupid people who think they are geniuses or who always think they know more about everything they discuss than anyone else does".
I encounter those kinds of people here on EP quite often.  They routinely fail to understand what they read or hear about, or they manipulate it to try to make it fit their ideology.  When you point out that they are doing this they will still cling to the notion that they are right, and everyone who points out that they are wrong is wrong.  It becomes so frustrating. 
You can tell them that you are a doctor so you understand health issues, or that you are a psychology major so you understand psychological issues, or that you are a lawyer so you understand legal issues, but they will still argue with you in relation to those issues and claim that you are wrong and they are right even though they are just a truck driver or a construction worker who obviously knows very little about what they claim they are experts on.  They will attack you and throw offensive insults at you, and call you names instead of just admitting that you are probably right and they may be wrong.
More and more I am starting to see dealing with those kinds of people as a total waste of time because small minded, egotistical, illogical, unreasonable people like that are never going to wake up and face reality.  They are going to continue to live in their little bubble where they are the king or queen of the morons.     
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...the bigger the EGO the smaller the spiritual progress and growth.


lol this one teenager who calls himself a werewolf begged me "stop saying all this bull...****" because he couldn't handle facing himself... he thought that by calling himself some werewolf that he was in control, but by this expression he let it out, clearly he was WAY OUT OF IT........... READ:

True so very true. Some people want to live in their delusional world even if doing so makes them absolutely miserable.

I agree Lady Blue. Some are comfortable wallowing in their own crap because they know what to expect, afraid to try anything different and who prefer to live in a fantasy land rather than to accept reality.

...maybe these "otherkin" are of the most spiritually stale people out there, afraid to step out of their comfort zones may seriously detriment their spiritual growth in life....true growth lies outside of the comfort zone.

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You described perfectly almost all discussions online. I spoke to lots of bigots about zionism and wars in Middle East or islamic extremism. They are exactly like the idiots of your text.

And I am talking about Israel haters radical leftists! lol

BTW, the big brainless bimbo (b.b.b.) still harasses you with his failed petty insults, ladyblue?

Does he? I haven't seen that and can only hope it is not true.

Guess he /it doesn't. Good for you! :)

... THEY ARE NOT HERE TO LEARN OR GROW, only use you as a scapegoat for their problems, to blow of some steam, now that is probably the lowest form of any spiritual body or condition you can get....and the best of all is that I GOT this from people claiming to be highly spiritually advanced. wtf? clearly they are not, if they FEAR GETTING THEIR EGO BEING BROKEN DOWN to be a clear channel for the SOURCE.

Very true. An very sad...

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Oh, do I understand and agree with your story. My problem is that I want to help people and pass on knowledge, only to find I have wasted my time.

Yeah, me too.

Jones, I don't think it's a problem to want to help people. It's a desire to help but you can't help people who don't want to be helped.

And who get angry at people who try to help them and accuse those trying to help them of demanding that they think and act certain ways when that is not at all the case.

...YEAH freak, I GOT CALLED A HATER AND A BULLY because I CARED ENOUGH TO HELP THEM RIGHT because out of experience making the same mistakes as them I WANTED TO HELP THEM in the right direction, only to be called names, so much for compassion, I GUESS YOU ARE RIGHT, some don't want to be helped, and if they REALLY WANTED TO BE HELPED, they would NOT POST IN GROUPS WHERE ILLUSION and roleplaying is the only thing they know... I SHOULD STOP GOING IN THERE AND DISILLUSION PEOPLE WHO LIKE LIVING A LIE.

..NO I am not calling you a freak, it is a more polite word for the f...word lolol

..and I AM NOT CALLING YOU THE F...word before I GOT CALLED A HATER AND A BULLY EITHER, just venting sure you know lolol a manner of speaking of course.

... ps no matter if you say over and over you are not here to HATE ANYONE ONLY TO EDUCATE THEM they will still call you dumb do you wanna be huh? (not you jones, them!!!) hahaha

I know what you mean. I have been accused of criticizing people when in fact all I have done is shared my experiences, and the experiences of people I know, that did not work out well. Some people seem to think that just because you tell them of the potential consequences of activity they are engaging in you are criticizing them and going after them. That could not be more false. If someone tells me that I should never get drunk and drive my car because it could result in my getting in an accident or ending up in jail because that is what happened to them, I would never feel that they are criticizing me or putting me down.

We can only share our own experience if we've been in similar situation. I feel that if others want to take advantage of our mistakes and avoid the same problems, they can. If they don't want to, so be it. Let 'em find out for themselves. We've tried. I have been the same. It won't happen to me! But it did.

...thank you for that HOM.... that is what I TOLD THEM... but they saw it as HATE speech when I was looking out for an IGNORANT OLDER SELF/VERSION OF ME, that got hurt because I FELL FOR THE SAME STUPID LIES THEY DID.......... true ladyblue, WHEN COMPASSION is mistaken for HATRED AND CRITICIZING, then it is not our fault.

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I understand exactly what you're saying. There are some people who are determined to be right about everything and everything. I just try not to deal with this type. I'm always going to be wrong. I know that I can be wrong on factual things, but my opinions are purely mine. Yours are yours. That can't be argued with. I respect your right to your opinion whether I personally agree with you or not. Ignorance can be educated. Stupid is forever.

I totally agree. An opinion is one thing, but claiming something is factually true when it isn't is quite another. If someone qualifies their statement by writing that it is what they think, or what they believe, that is very different than continuously claiming that it is 100%, without a doubt, true when you have proven to them factually over and over again that it isn't.

I have learned so much over time by being open minded and willing to listen. I may change my mind. I may not but I'm willing to consider the opinions of others. I know that I don't know it all, never will.

Me too :-). It is so frustrating to deal with people who are so closed minded that they will cling to their wanted belief that the sky is red when people point out to them over and over again that it is actually blue. horny, those who are not open minded are not willing to listen or to learn, they do not wish to educate themselves and yet they have the audacity to call us "closed minded" wtf?????? some people would die thinking they are RIGHT even though it might be wrong, I GUESS another life awaits them to REPEAT THE LESSON UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT........on the other hand I SEE SOME people being so open minded that all their brains fell out... I DON'T want to be one of those either, who refuse to use logic in some situations because it is against their religion???WTF?

I understand what you're saying. There is a difference between being open-minded and being stupidly gullible as in believing anything.

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