I Was Engaged To A Woman 10 Years Older Than Me, We Fell Apart, But Still Call Eachother And Run Off For A Few Days Here And There

I met a woman at my work named sandy. she didnt look 10 years older than me, but she was. within the first week of knowing her, she had moved in. we were engaged in the first month. she was my true companion. for the next 5 months we did not part ways except for a few hours. she still is my truest of love. after there were issues with me and her ex (who she left for me), she has moved in with family members, and is begging me to let her live with me, but im currently living with family too. I wish I could. so now, since her family doesnt want me to see her, she barely calls me, about once every week or 2, and she always ends up meeting me, and we run off to a motel and stay a few nights. we are inseperable, she feels like my other half, i never want to leave her, and she never wants to leave me, but theres always an obligation with family, and they take her, and won't let her come back with me. what should I do. currently I'm trying to get my financial situation handled, and get my life together, so that wen things come to that point again, I can keep her, and not have to give her back ever. I want to resume where we were, but I feel as though it's gonna be hard to do that with the stigma of being what some people concider her "boy-toy". she is a grown sexy woman, she really looks 25 but she is 33, and I am kinda chubby, and 23. She is the only person I have ever fealt love for, in this way. we did suffer from some relationship problems too, but we always work through them, we never wanted to part eachother, and we still want to be together, but both of our families are holding us apart, and we are both suffering from heartache because of it. what can I do to break the fact that both of our families will do anyting to keep us away from eachother simply because of our age difference? they say that she brings me down because she is an adult with different goals in life than mine, and that she has kids, and her famly says that i need to focus on college and not worry abut her. but i couldn't give her up if i tried, and she tells me that she can't go on without me. I'm trying so hard to brng things to a point where I am self reliant, and just hope that things will work out, but i really would like to break the age difference stigma that my family has. they haven't known any of my other girlfriends, but i have been in 2 other relationships with wimon more than 8 years older than me, i must be a magnet for grown wimon. but with sandy i feel like talking about our ages deteriorates the real substance that we have between eachother. we have a very loving relationship, and it's far beyond just the 1 dimension of our ages. i feel like it makes it seem like our love was worth so much less when we discuss the issues with our ages. what can i do, i want people to get over it, and learn to see us as what we are, perfect companions for eachother, rather than a 1 dimensional relationship. please help if u can. my heart hurts for her, i want to be with her 24/7 like we used to, but people are keeping us apart

tommy19805 tommy19805
22-25, M
Mar 11, 2010